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It is a normal result of a trade based society. Anything that is traded, is abused and trashed. Resources, people, information, data, attention. Ads are simply an exploitation of the attention trade. It is not a new thing, it was there since the invention of media, but the Internet exacerbates it. By a lot.

As long as the incentive is there, this abuse will always exist....

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uBlock Origin fixes it for Web browsing, NewPipe for YouTube, and Blokada for mobile phone apps that like to advertise at you, whereas Pi-Hole will protect your entire home network. Yes, adverts on the Net are obnoxious, but seeing them is largely optional nowadays, provided that you have the technical skills to shelter from them or the culinary skills to get a friend to do it for you. 🙂
Yes is true you can protect yourself. We added these tools, and more, by default to our TROMjaro Linux actually. But they work simply because they are not that popular. If they'd be and would threaten the trade business of those big platforms, they would make sure these tools are shut down or not work....unfortunately...
Yeah, remember when they wanted to ban youtube-dl? And also there used to be a FOSS alternative app for instagram called #Barinsta which removed all of the ads and tracking, even the UI was much better and the entire thing was lightweight. If there was a sane way to use instagram then that was it, but then of course these companies won't allow such things, the development has been shut down due to legal threats from Facebook. More info here -
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Exactly! These tools that we use as front-ends and such, are not by any means a "global solution". They are an underground solution, for the few of us. Even adblockers, if Google sees them as a threat they will nuke them in a way or another. Facebook kinda does that since from my knowledge you cannot block the ads on FB. They look the same as any post, so adblockers can't identify them.
I just heard that Bibliogram is being discontinued -

This is quite sad, but I also understand why the developer had to do it. These kinds of hacky solutions we use to open up walled gardens, they're a PITA to maintain, it'll always be a constant battle of these companies breaking things and the devs having to fix them. People should move to better alternatives like Pixelfed......
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Works quite well, I've been using it for many years now.