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It's been a long wait, but we're happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 11.0 on #Debian Bullseye :blobwizard:

⬆️ We're also providing an (hopefully one-click) migration from Yunohost 4.4 to 11.0. And yes, we're jumping from 4 to 11 to match Debian versions! 😜

👉 Version 11.0 is mostly focused on technical adaptation, but also contains a few security, UX, i18n improvements. Cool features are already in the pipelines for 11.1 and 11.2! 😋

More info in our release note:

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tying the major version to the Debian version sounds like a great idea for admins 👍
excellent beau travail la team.
I must be honest, not a one-click migration. But, still an awesome and impressive work you did there, thanks for everything you do!
Awesome! The upgrade worked great. Everything is in order. Thank you.
Congrats guys! I think I'll wait some 1-2 weeks before I do this. I host 23 services via YNH and we have thousands of users haha. It scares me to think about updating all that.
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How do you handle sign ups?
Depends for what service....But usually all signups are entirely free and open. For example on Peertube we had to moderate it since a lot of crazy people started to post conspiracy videos. I keep an eye on the uploads and as soon as someone does not respect the thematic of our instance, their account gets deleted. This has deterred like 95% of all such crazy people.
Oh I see not through SSO/LDAP. That makes sense. Nice instance!
And yes directly no LDAP, except for a few users/admins.
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Wow that's amazing. I tried setting up YNH on a home server about a year ago and was unable to figure it out. I'll try again soon but knowing that you can run so much is an encouragement!
Oh... Un chouette petit chantier pour la rentrée ! :-) Bravo à toute l'équipe ! Hâte de découvrir tout ça. @foudreclair j'aurai sans doute besoin de ton aide sur le sujet.
Beau boulot ! Merci à toute l'équipe ! :)
can't wait to try it, thanks for making self-hosting accessible to more people!
Bravo à toute la commu! Je teste ça prochainement :)
@homegrown How do you download the Yunohost image for burning? I find no links... When I of click this image (on desktop), nothing happens - it's not a link...
I'm a noob so would appreciate any help. Thanks.
"Image of desktop pc"
Yeah sorry we broke the documentation yesterday :|
congratulations and THANK YOU for all your hard work!