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Looks like I'll be switching to Brave Search then 🙄
CEO of # is responding to the tweets that started this in the HN discussion on them:
Oh, don’t even get me started on Brave…

This is what “Brave” is:
It’s a sewer, Doug, we’re mired in a sewer 🤷‍♂️
DDG is as good a stopgap as any right now. Enjoy until they exit. The system is fucked.
There was a talk today about search algorithms at

Didn't watch it, but there's some scribbled notes on their pad, with some alternatives mentioned:

Talks all week, and interesting ones still coming up. It is livestreamed and you can ask questions via Matrix.
The ReviewGeek article opened in Firefox's private browsing mode starts with a fullpage wall-of-text cookie consent with prominent "Agree", and a "more options" button. Another overlaid popup banner on top reads "Receive our best hand-picked content as soon as it's available", with prominent Allow and barely noticable "No thanks" button (presumably soliciting push notification permissions)
(And that’s before we even get to the fact their founder is a documented homophobe:
@humanetech @aral Guys, let's not fall into the same reactionary mistakes of mass social media culture.

People need to read beyond the headlines and from reliable sources.

This issue has nothing to do with DuckDuckGo search. If you're just using the DDG search engine then you're completely unaffected.

It is an issue with the DDG browser, where it doesn't block Microsoft's trackers on third-party websites.

We need to be better than this.
While this is of course a problematic lack of transparency from # and should be critiqued and discussed, spreading misinformation is to the benefit of no one.

This could be an interesting case study for the # project @bonfire @dajbelshaw.
Though I didn't read the discussion in depth the CEO/Founder of DDG responded as well with "This is not about search". See this fork of the thread:
This is also good point. As long we use Windows and other Microsoft sofware, we don't have real #, no matter how we decentralize or which search engine we use. We may avoid being tracked by Google but Microsoft is our biggest # in our computers....
there are some search engines without trackers or ads listed in the trade-free directory:

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@dajbelshaw @humanetech Yeah i would go probably for SearX or Whoogle but only if install for private use